3/4 Sterling Atlas Rigging Rope 200 ft

Vendor Sterling Atlas

Sterling Ropes has long been trusted as a manufacturer of top-quality climbing, access, and rescue lines, and now with Atlas they have delivered their first tree-rigging line. Sterling Atlas is a double-braid tree rigging rope with a Polyester cover over a Nylon core. The Nylon core provides not only great strength but increased elasticity. This extra stretch helps to mitigate loads created when catching wood, and reduce peak forces. Sterling Atlas has a great hand and a firm, round cross-section which has been designed to work excellently with bollards on the GRCS or Port-a-Wrap.



19mm (3/4”) • double-braid • 22,480 lb. (10,197 kg) MBS • 4.3% elonagation at 10% MBS • 17.3 lb. per 100’ – Double Braid

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